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TransBosonto Utsab 2019

The Trans Colour festival in collaboration with Jadavpur University, will take place on the 5th and the 6th of April 2019 at Jadavpur University, 188 - Raja Subodh Chandra Mallick Road, Kolkata - 700032..

What is TransBosonto Utsab?

In light of the recent disapproval towards the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill 2018 which has been passed in the Lok Sabha we have realised now its time to place our candle of hope in people’s heart to ignite the long darkened skies of LGBTKH community. Traversing through this path, we are coming up with one of its kind, ‘Trans Colour’ festival: TransBosonotoUtsab ’19 in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania and the Jadavpur University.


Trans Bosonto Utsab is a two-day celebration of colour and rhythm of the Transgender Society. In order to build resilience and confidence amongst its members and people’s confidence in the cause of Anandam.

In these two days, we have lined up several discussions on a plethora of topics that promise to be a concoction of shackled feelings and powerful words. We are to tentatively have several eminent personalities like Kaushik Ganguly, Nigel Akkara, Alokananda Roy, Goutom Ghose, Prof. Oishika Chatterjee, Prof. Panchali Bannerjee, Nandini Sinha, Derek O’Brien, Kaushik Sen, Amal Sarkar, Badshah Moitra gracing the occasion and actively engaging in the discussions.

TransBosonto ‘19 will give a platform, encouraging the people of our community to come out and not be confined in the four walls of societal shaming. It gives them the stage to express themselves and bring out their several talents to the world through the participatory events we have planned. As long as they are unable to muster courage and accept who they are, society will keep neglecting the rights they deserve. The stage gives these beautiful souls the opportunity to break this barrier.


Exhibiting art forms tied up with the Trans Society like ‘Launda Naach’, this event gives you a perspective on how this this folk-art is sweeping away into cheap entertainment for sinister pleasure of the eyes and the flesh. This will show the world, the dance in its true sense and not what it has been made into.




  • To increase public awareness and education about the discrimination against the LGBT community

  • To give a platform to the people from LGBTKH community to come forward

  • To sensitise society to understand how to co-exist with LGBT individuals


About the Film: Until and Unless


The heart of the colour festival lies in the documentary made in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania depicting the nerve-racking story of four individuals and their struggle to get recognition and acceptance in our so called civilized society.


The film features Sintu, a transwoman community leader raised in the Sheoraphuli red-light district; Nitu, a transwoman sex worker who lives a dual identity as a man named Nitai; Lovely, a Kothi person who lives a closeted life while working in an office environment, and Pratap, a trans- teen still navigating his/her identity solemnly portraying the dark side of our nation.


At the time of shooting the film in 2017, the LGBTKH+ community was still living under a repressive law, Penal Code 377, which criminalized their lives and livelihoods. At great risk to them, our members wanted to speak out against the state, familial and interpersonal violence. During post-production, Penal Code 377 was repealed on September 6, 2018. Despite this joyous moment, the community was acutely aware that their fight for liberation and human rights was not over because of this victory, but finally ready to begin. The film now serves as testimony on the impact of 157 years of legalized repression.


Until and Unless. Try until and unless you succeed. Help until and unless life comes to an end. Love until and unless you feel and Smile until and unless you die. Dedicated to the warmth of the Trans Community.

Balaram Dey Street Anandam is determined to make this event memorable for the development of the LGBTKH community and sensitizing society about the discrimination against them.


We would humbly request to grace us with your presence on either or both the days of the festival. Your presence will make a lasting impact on the lives of the marginalised and will ensure a brighter future for all. This festival is a historical event in Kolkata. .


Name of the event: Trans Bosonto Utsab `19

Date of the event: 5th and 6th April 2019


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Phone: +91 7059337307

Address: 44, Balaram Dey Street, Kolkata - 700006, West Bengal


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