Film on LGBTKH* Rights in India
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Set in West Bengal, the film project follows the story of four Anandam community members and the impact of systemic oppression via India's legislative system on their lives. The film looks at Sintu, a transwoman raised in the Sheoraphuli red-light district, Nitu, a transwoman sex worker who lives a duel identity as a man named Nitai, Lovely, a koti person who lives a closeted life while working in an office environment and Pratap a trans teen still navigating his identity. Through juxtaposing their stories with interviews from lawyers and activists working to oppose these laws, the film shows the lived consequences of state and social violence on India's queer community. 

LGBTKHAIQ~~ Parliment of West Bengal
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The LGBTKHAIQ~~ Parliment of West Bengal will strive to create an organizing platform strong enough to demand the social and policy changes needed to ensure human rights for the queer community in India. Through collectivizing and creating an organizing system that unites across institutions, economic status, caste and identity boundaries, we ultimately hope to establish a cohesive list of demands and push the community towards mass mobilization.  Learn more about this initiative here.

Internship and Volunteer Opportunities

In partnership with the University of Pennsylvania South Asia Center, Anandam hosts students participating in the SAC Research Internship program. Students work with Anandam for an 8 week project which includes advocacy, film, digital and photography projects. Students can also work collaboratively with the Sonagachi Research Institute to assist in community led research reports. Anandam accepts volunteers and interns from all backgrounds and at all experience levels. If you or your school would like to spend the summer or semester with Anandam please reach out today!

Learn more about our partnership with UPENN here.

LGBTKH* Sensitivity Training
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Anandam is able to provide an introductory or advanced workshop on LGBTQKH* sensitivity and inclusion in professional and educational environments. Workshops can include basic topics like understanding vocabulary, demographics and identity to building empathy and understanding around the barriers faced by LGBTQKH* students, clients and employees. Trainers can help your organization develop short and long-term personal and organizational action plans toward building a safer and more supportive environment. Trainers are able to adjust the presentation to accommodate all age groups and contexts. This service includes workshops targeted at healthcare providers.

St+art Kolkata | Sonagachi 2018

St+art Kolkata | Sonagachi 2018

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Anandam collaborated with Aravani Art Project in the creation of a mural in the Sonagachi red-light district to increase visibility of trans women within the sex-working community. 

To read english article published by BBC on this project click here.

সোনাগাছির দেওয়াল জোড়া ম্যুরালে রূপান্তরকামীদের নতুন শিল্পভাষা

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Trans Mural Project in Sonagachi

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